Package swingwtx.custom

Class Summary
Graphics2DRenderer Code taken from Helper class allowing the use of Java 2D on SWT or Draw2D graphical context.
JClosableTabbedPane Not really a swing component, but I map it here because I use it for JInternalFrame/JDesktopPane.
JCoolBar Not a real Swing component, but since Swing doesn't do them and SWT does, I could hardly leave them out, could I? Just add components to this thing - for each component you add (JToolBar for example), it will get it's own CoolItem drag handle to move it around.
JLookupPopup Very similar to JComboBox, this component is an uneditable text field with a button instead to popup a list of selectable items.
JTaskTrayItem Wraps up an item on the system task tray.