Class GenericComponentUI

  extended byswingwtx.swing.plaf.ComponentUI
      extended byswingwtx.swing.plaf.metal.GenericComponentUI

public class GenericComponentUI
extends ComponentUI

This is a generic ComponentUI wrapper for use with SwingWT. The createUI(Class) method creates a new ComponentUI instance intended for wrapping the SWT component of the given type. Why? This allows us to create SWT components that can be custom drawn with Swing code, a la L&F. This part still has some work.

Constructor Summary
GenericComponentUI(java.lang.Class componentClass)
Method Summary
static ComponentUI createUI(java.lang.Class componentClass)
static ComponentUI createUI(JComponent component)
          createUI - must be implemented by subclasses Not sure why Sun didn't make this abstract.
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Constructor Detail


public GenericComponentUI(java.lang.Class componentClass)
Method Detail


public static ComponentUI createUI(JComponent component)
Description copied from class: ComponentUI
createUI - must be implemented by subclasses Not sure why Sun didn't make this abstract.


public static ComponentUI createUI(java.lang.Class componentClass)